We supply educational scientific laboratory instruments lab supplies and equipment used in Schools, Universities, Colleges, Home Schools and Labs. Products are not meant for use by Children 12 & Younger. This equipment is used in physics / physical science, chemistry and biology labs as well as in general labs.
We provide for in-depth science experiments with all the essential laboratory tools: ring stands, glass tubing, burners, and other chemistry lab equipment...
Spring Scales, Pulleys, Balances, equipment for teaching Measurement, Density, Specific Gravity, Heat, Liquids and Pressure, Gas Law, Mechanics, Forces, Friction, Thermometers, Light and Optics, Prisms, Lenses, Magnifiers, Sound and Waves, Tuning Forks, Magnetism, Magnets, Compasses, Wimshurst Machine, Van de Graff Generator, Electricity, Electromagnetism.
Advance maths lab kits, junior maths lab kits, paraffin wax dispenser, borosilicate glass, lab plasticware, bio tech equipment, pathology equipment, medical equipment, lab iron stand & clamp, vernier calipper, micro meter, lab balances, lab masses
These laboratory products are manufactured using the most state-of-art technology. These science and physics lab equipments will compel the students at your institute to perform all the experiments with ease and by themselves. Our Physics Laboratory Products are the perfect solution for understanding the various concepts of Physics smartly and practically. They also help students to develop collaborative learning skills that are vital to success in many lifelong endeavors.